Our Purpose and Vision

Ku'ulei Siva Productions 

was created to share the amazing Polynesian Cultures from all over the South Pacific.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where people of all ages can feel the "Spirit of ALOHA" while learning the beauty in the different Polynesian Cultures, as well as come together as an "OHANA" and create memories.   We work year around to prepare for the very popular Annual Arizona Aloha Festival, Community Charity Events and Polynesian Lu'au Entertainment Shows.  Nothing is too big or too small for our services.  Every opportunity is a learning/teaching experience for us at Ku'ulei Siva Productions.  E komo mai, come and join us!

 Check out our Polynesian Lu'au Entertainment Services and Classes. 

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Hula Dancers 

Moana and Maui Bithday Packages

FIreknife Dancers

Wahine Classes

Tahitian, Hawaiian

Mommy and Me Classes

Tonga, Samoa

Maori Poi Balls

Kane Classes

Samoa, Fireknife, 

Tahiti, Maori

Order Custom-Made Costumes

Hawaii, Tahitian

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What our customers are saying

Great group who are committed to the teaching of culture, dance & character. My daughters are fortunate to be part of this group.  -Ken

We love this husband a wife team. They teach boys and girls. My kids have had the chance to learn more about their culture and be proud of what they do and who they are.- Becky

Kuulei siva production is one growing team... like the preparation and love seeing the young ones learning all different polynesian dances more and more and even faster... a growing seed in the valley. - Ben

Let us all share ALOHA throughout the Valley

Sampson & Tehani Filimaua

(480) 421-8484​ 

(480) 421-894